Easily mount your shared folders.


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AutomounMaker is an easy to use macOS tool to create scripts that will mount an AFP, FTP, WebDAV(http), NFS or SMB network share.

You can use the script as a Startup Item in your user's session config to automatically mount the given share upon login.
If you use always the same shared volume on your desktop, AutomountMaker is more easy than the classic Connect to Server... proposed by Apple.

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system version min: 
macOS 10.13.x
system version max: 
macOS 10.15.x


Tips And Trick


  • Let's go to create a new AutomountMaker script with AFP protocol.

    • It's possible to choose AppleTalk with a AFP protocol.
    • Fill host name or the address IP,
    • Fill share point,
    • Domain name field is disable for this protocol,
    • Fill name and password.
  • Sample SMB script file

    Another sample to create a SMB automount script file

  • FTP sample

    A sample script for FTP connect to Debian server with an anonymous account.

  • Sample protected script file with MAC Address

    If you want to open a protected script, a shield is displayed on the top right of the window.

    This type of script can be launched only with the computer who made it. So if you try to execute it, an error is created into the log and the volume will not mount.
  • Show security with protected script file

    You can't disable protected script if the script has been made with another computer and if option Activate protection of script by MAC address is activated.

  • This is the General preferences window

    When mounting your shared volume failed, you can :
    • Do nothing,
    • Display alert message,
    • Open the log window,
    • Push notification,
  • Log file

    Log window can help you to find error when you try to mount a shared volume.

    All AutomountMaker's logs are created under ~/Library/Logs/AutomountMaker
  • Reveal your script file configuration with Quicklook

    Since v1.4 quicklook is available.

    Apple's Quick Look feature in OS X is a convenient way to preview a AutomountMaker script without needing to launch application to do so. Just select your script file and press the spacebar.